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150T Wheat Flour Mill Project,Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Product name:150T Wheat Flour Mill Project,Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Product Name: 150T Wheat Flour Mill Project, Wheat Flour Mill Plant

This compelte wheat flour mill project is composed of cleaning part, milling part, and packing part. After processed by this plant, you can get high quality flour to meet your special needs.        

We can supply the complete line of wheat/maize flour mill project of 10-300T/D, including the engineering design and installation.

Features of this wheat flour milling project:

1. Turnkey project of flour mill plant.

2. Advanced technology support and customized design.

3. Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

4. Low power consumption,high quality, best price.

5. Professional installation team and perfect after-sales service.

Applications of wheat flour mill products:

1. Bread, Pastry, French brand,etc.

2. Pasta,Cake, cookies, mixed pastry cakes,etc

3. Steamed bread, steamed buns, noodles, Chinese pastry,snacks,etc.

Main procedures from wheat to make flour:

Cleaning part:
Beat: to remove dust sand small seed, bacterial count and insect seed.
Screening: to remove large and small impurities in the wheat seed.
Destoner: to remove stone in the wheat.
Magnetic separator: remove metal material in the wheat.
Dampening: to ensure the bran’s integrity during the milling processing.
Flour milling part:
Mill: to break the integrity by the roller moving
Sifter: to separate the flour and bran, also separate large size and small size to enssure flour quality.
Packing part:
The packing part can be manual one also can be auto one.

Main parameters:
Model Item
6FTF-150 Wheat Flour Mill Project
Production capacity (T/24h)
Milling Techniques and
main machines
5B, 8M, 1S, 2T bounty in the middle, bran finish in the back, three purify.
Cleaning Techniques
Three sieves, three beating, two removing stone, two termper moisture and three magnetic selecting
Products and extraction rate (%)
Grade 1 flour ≥68%, Grade 2 flour ≥78% According the consumer’s requirements, equipment can be adjusted to produce special precise flour, special flour or other flour for special use.
Flour quality
Better than GB1355-88 (National standard of China)
Power required (kW)
Around 700
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m)
4 storey building or 40×7.5×19.4

150T wheat flour mill project pictures:
Features & After-sale Services:

1. Wheat flour mill plant is manufactured precisely and controlled by manual or pneumatic mode. It can make better grinding effect comparing with other ordinary mills.
2. Complete sets of wheat flour mill project adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There are streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance. It can be installed on a steel frame structure or in a building structure.
3. The flour mill project is with advanced technical process and flexible adjustment. It can produce grade flour and special flour etc.
4. We provide turnkey project for our flour mill machinery, including special design, installation and workers' trainning.
5. All flour mill plant enjoy one year free spare parts and quality guarantee.

Flow Diagram of This Wheat Flour Mill Project:
Packing and Transport:

In a word ,we warmly welcome you to come to visit our factory ,and also we can make further discussion about the flour mill project. If you want to know more information about our plant, welcome to contact us in any time!
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